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The Wall
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Sunday, 8 May 2011

6 Days to go

Today again peoples generosity made me smile, Great thanks to everyone who has sponsored me. Please feel free to advertise my efforts. More i get the better it is.

Have now got everything in place for the trip i think.

Looking forward to the trip but also nervous. Everyday now i start to feel more nervous, leaving my life for only 8 days, is so hard. My boys and donna are my life. To leave them is soooo hard. Next saturday we are all going out for some lunchat 12 then they will drop me off at the train station, This will be the most single hardest thing i have ever done. No amount of stair can tell you how i will feel that day, Will i shed a tear, O hell yes i will, im man enough to admit it. Who wouldnt. Please feel free to join us at the lord ted lol.

Massive thanks to everyone again for there support. Over the last year people have supported me. Now if you can, Please sponsor me.

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